Scrotal Suspension

Here it is, at long last. The latest movie, taken with the new camera. The daylight is poor; and it is a first attempt from the new location upstairs and indoors.

I hang by the balls for a full, two minutes.

Let me know what you think, Folks..



Anonymous said...

allow me to congratulate you, on your latest scrotal suspension, i am anon from france, and i visit your blog regularily, to follow your progress..i must admit, your latest feat,is really fantastic..full scrotal as one would say in france, "dans les regles de l'art"..am sure friend habakuk wil appreciate, as well as the gent who signs K bar.
very good wrapping of the balls with i suppose you use a soft leather, you can clarify this point, whether leather or cloth.
i noticed that once you 'dehanged'so to speak, the penis had shrunk way in.. this is normal i believe,since the strain on the scrotum pulls the skin away from the penis, and that is why you "battled", so to speak to free it, i noticed that you had obtained a strong erection, with a bead of semen...i believe that what habakuk said in an interview, that in finale, the cock would have the last word.
i am no where near your capacity nor friend habakuk, i have managed only to sustain a weight of 54kg hung on my balls, but no more then a few seconds...in habakuks posting, he says that he trained for quite a few minutes with a 35kg weight whilst swinging the said weight....i can only sustain so far 3 to 4 minutes with a weight of 20kg swinging it for the time... real hard, with the end game being the balls a beetroot red, a feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen, folowed by an erection, with a ''weep'' of the penis, but most satisfying on the whole, with a feeling of relaxation, but i must say winded, need to sit down,going through this two or three times, then i must stop because of chaffing, the chaffing obliges me to desist frm any weight lifting or hanging for a couple of days, i have noticed though that the chaffed area becomes slightly callused,and after complete recoverym the ballsack feels like leather,and stronger.
Hope i havn't bored you with my narrative.. i seize the opportunity to wish you a happy xmas, and well over the new year, take care freind tim, and many more scrotal suspensions, ....the video as i said was great, now perhaps one more step, try for the horizontal,and why not try the kbar trick rotate..wishing you happy suspensions, and more more videos.
the anon from france

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon,

Many thanks for that. I hope to post more from differing angles.

Perhaps even outside from a tree next summer, if we get one here!

I had to use TnaFlix because the video was too long for upload directly to the blog.

It takes ages to upload even 5 minutes, so I might just do a few minutes next time.

Merry Christmas from,


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Tim and all. The hanging balls are not ALL on the Christmas tree. Kbar

jim atherton said...

Great suspension by balls. So smoothly done, with no special equipment. As a fellow ball hanger, I know how much willpower it takes to hang upside down that way.

Oh...could you share how you attach/cushion the rope to your balls? Perhaps some closeup pictures? I find that to be a key item.



Anonymous said...

i have hang by my balls for minute 30 before and that was painfull so congrtas on 2 minutes

jonjoan said...

i think your video of scrotal suspension is a challenge and stimulus to me and many other balll stretchers.glad to see how hard you were when you got down,did u cum after filmimng stopped,love to have seen

Anonymous said...

It should be easy to find some women who would like to be next to you while you suspend. I would love to see that. Please video and post when you do. Im sure they would love to jerk you off in that position and we would all love to see that. You will be famous! Thanks for showing its possible. Rick

Anonymous said...

A note of caution. I love the feeling of my balls being stretched but after a session with a bucket that was gradually filled with water and swung I sustained a hernia and required surgery. Perhaps I did something wrong or my body just isn't cut out for it but take care when trying this. I am now reluctant to try again.