Brief Ball Spin

OK folks, here's a short video demonstrating the Mingemasher Proprietary Ball Spin Technique. :-)

I'll raise the rope an inch or two, because the stretch still causes my head to almost touch the floor.

I told you light conditions were less than ideal during this rotten, British winter. Long live the summer, when I'll spin, to my heart's content, from a tree in the woods!

Here it is. Enjoy it!



Anonymous said...

Excellent! Are you able to do the meditation pose that Habakuk showed in illustration?

Definitely needs outdoors, woods, and a cameraman!

Anonymous said...

I just count the minutes when I'm hanging!


Scot said...

That's great. You're the best.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Scot.

I achieved another personal best yesterday: 5 min 30 secs.

I'm going to video a suspension in the woods in the summer, with spinning.


Anonymous said...

Very very nice video Tim, I'm impressed and am dreaming about my being able to do that.

mingemasher said...

Thanks, Anon; hope to do a quick 3 minutes today!