Scrotal Suspension Process

It's taken over a week to recover, but I'm back on track again; slowly but surely. My groin injury is almost gone and I'm gradually resuming scrotal suspension. I did a few seconds today, incomplete suspension but most of my weight.


Anonymous said...

I also like to ‘swing by the balls’. I have only manage it with my head and toes still on the ground but want to go all the way and suspend my whole body by my balls. Can it be done without ripping balls off? (I am 75kgms)

I would really like to know more detail about how you hang yourself, how do u tie your balls up, what is the most painful part? Do you have any pictures/video?


Habakuk said...

Any one wanting to have some advise or share idea's please contact habakuk at wmi_cor@yahoo.com.
As long as you gradually exercise the balls and increase the force slowly, there is no danger that the balls will tear off. My weight is 85 kg and I can still increase it. I had a lady of 90 kg hanging from my balls by just clasping them.
My experience is that it is best to use a tight fitting scrotal ring to distribute the forces eavenly.

jim atherton said...

Who else hangs by the balls? There are several on the web. Xtube has a couple of videos, as does BMEzine. Habakuk is on BMEzine...FANTASTIC high hang.

Anonymous said...

I am 105 Kg. Can I still safely hang?or should I include the penis or what ???