Leather Ball Stretcher

I'm seen wearing my 4 inch leather ball stretcher here. I can fit it easily when my balls are relaxed and hanging well. When measured, they extend to 5 inches. I can often wank with the stretcher fitted to an explosive ejaculation and orgasm:-


Large Ball-Stretcher

Sorry about the paucity of posts, folks, however when I return from my vacation I'll post a video and photos of my using the 4 inch ball-stretcher which I've been using on holiday.

I can now get all four pop-buttons closed.


Rope-Leather Combo

I've suspended a mere two minutes this week. Really my balls don't seem to be getting any longer! I have a 4" leather ball-stretcher which I've started using as well though, believe it or not, I have difficulty fastening the four things and can manage three! I'm almost at the fourth, mind you. I'll get there soon.

A combination of the scrotal suspension and leather stretcher ought to put me well up there in the low-hanger league!


New Outdoor Video!

I said I'd do it, so here it is Folks. Hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did doing it! The full video is about 5 minutes. I had to upload it to Pornhub and BMEzine because it's too big for Blogger. Here's a short clip.

By the way, it feels great doing it outdoors.

Watch it here.


New Title


I've taken it upon me to change the title of the blog, which I feel is more appropriate. It shan't make any difference in any other way! I have a new blog title at www.scrotalsuspension.blogspot.com

Your pal


Hanging by the Balls