New Photos

As I said, it's very tricky to obtain pictures by myself. I cannot get far enough away to do it justice. Believe me, I am suspended by my balls on these two photos.

I'm nowhere close to the mighty Habakuk; I'm lighter than him, so my balls take about 123lbs of weight. I can manage it for almost a minute. It isn't the pain or my balls which prevent me from longer suspension, it is the effort of my stomach keeping me up!


Habakuk said...

Any one wanting to have some advise or share idea's please contact habakuk at wmi_cor@yahoo.com.
My experience is that it is best to use a tight fitting scrotal ring to distribute the forces eavenly. If you want the design specs or want me to make it for you contact me!

oedipussi said...

Nice pictures and good luck for your "quest".
I'm into this as well, but I like it more to have a lady hung from my balls. For this I use a humbler-like device. I sit on a chair with the device hanging down under my legs and the lady steps on it (first one foot, then the other, all the time holding on to my shoulders and I help with my hands so the humbler doesn't tilt with only one foot on). She tries to give her full weight on my balls and just keeps the balance with her hands.
This way I managed up to 50kg for as long as 1-2 minutes. *awsome*
I'll try for heavier ladys and longer time in the future... :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I love it when a lady grabs my balls and hang on it. Because they can grab the balls tightly with both hands I do not use any thing else. I usually stand above my stair case with both legs spread on each side of the opening. The lady stands somewhere below on the steps, grabs the balls and lift herself up. Very exiting and better then hanging upside down, because you can only do that for a brief period.
Problem: I have only got one lady who was ready to do this, and that is sometime ago.

habakuk said...

Sorry, that was me Habakuk

jim atherton said...

Minge -- Great hang. Can't wait until you get the pics worked out.

Suggestion: If you camera takes vids, just set it up, turn it on, then get into position. After that, edit out the wasted parts (setup and getting down).

Oh...you can also get a free program to capture individual pictures from the video.

Can't wait to see your work.

Of course, if you ever get to Charlotte, we can do vids/pics of each other.


Anonymous said...

I am now 76 and have been training my balls with weights since teenage. Have fathered 3 children so no ill effects! Target is 1,000 lb-minutes e.g. 28 lbs/36 mins, 56lbs/18 mins both easily achievable using weight attached to balls by rope passing through pulley on ceiling. Just sit back, relax and read the newspaper! Hanging my full body weight 17 stone (238 lbs) from ceiling hook requires just over 4 mins to hit target, not yet quite achieved. Pleased to see others share my interest.

Anonymous said...

Just found your discussion site and think it's fab. I also lift olympic weights stacked on a mushroom boat anchor. I have a few photos posted at a Yahoo group and will add the address later after I see how this comment looks after I post it. My e-mail is
and if you write me there, I can send some photos. My record was 105 lbs for a count of 10 seconds but since I have not been active nor in training, 50 lbs is my max at the present time.

Anonymous said...

If you go and join the below yahoo group
you can go and look at some of my scrotum suspension and scroutum weight lifting in two albums one named "Scrotum Weight Lifting" and the other "Members Balls". I set up and ceated the "Scrotum Weight Lifting" album and invite all to add their photos and style of scrotum pulling there. I initially posted in the Members Balls album and have yet to move my supported suspension photos to my album yet.
Let me know what you think of my system when you view it.

mingemasher said...

Anon, I'm unable to find your site.

Thanks for all the comments, folks!

Anonymous said...

I too would like to see Mac's site but the URL is incomplete - second half missing due to line length limit. Can it be put on the next line?

Anonymous said...

I am into bondage as well. I like my hands and feet bound, hanging face down and whipped. Love the pics.