Is This Rare?

I'd be interested to know how many guys can swing from their balls; in particular, how many British guys can do it?

At present, I do it from a girder in the garage. Not ideal studio conditions or, better still, from a tree on a sunny day outdoors. I don't have the photographic equipment to do it justice. I have a basic Kodak digital camera with a tripod and ten second auto-timer. So I need to be quick.

Scrotal suspension isn't something you talk to your friends and family about. It's a niche market! Virginia will photograph me if I ask her.

Meantime, I will post some photos soon if any mags or publications globally are interested!


mr_pierced said...

Would be good to see a pic, i mean how do you do it, Do think I could do that, Can manage about 6 pounds for a while then the sac starts to kill, I think its a case of going slow and seeing if there is any pain,

Well done for setting up the blog by the way

mingemasher said...


Thanks for visiting. I'll be explaining more in future blogs.

I don't find it painful, not in a sharp way, any more.

The process takes a very long time with perseverence.

Cheers Tim

Anonymous said...

Have you thought of taking your own picture using the reflection from a mirror?