There are very few entries on the web about hanging by your balls. Call it what you like: hanging by the balls, swinging by the balls, scrotal suspension, scrotum suspension, ball hanging.

This blog is for people, males or females, who are curious, interested, fascinated, amazed or even stimulated by my ability to swing from my balls. You may wonder how long they get or what size they are; how far they stretch; if it is painful.

In the coming weeks I'm going to explain all. I intend to post photographs. I've been stretching my balls for years now. It is only within the last three months that I've been attepting to hang by them. I've almost achieved the goal. In fact I can do it, albeit for 5 seconds.

If you're interested, send me feedback please. I'm delighted to hear from girls.

I'm the Mingemasher. I'll tell you more about myself in the coming weeks.

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jim atherton said...

Minge -- Good work. Love to see a total hanging pic. Surely SOMEONE will help take pics?

I totally understand the hanging balance problem. I have hung standing up and horizontally. The first requires holding onto the rope to stay upright. Would be UGLY if heavier upper body swung down.

Horizontally, I use a shelf or something to hook my feet under to balance body horizontally. Adds some weight, but safer. There is a vid on xtube showing a guy hanging briefly horizontally, and balancing by hanging some small weights from his feet. VERY NICE!

I have stretch pics, but none of hanging. Will try to get some soon.