Suspension Of Hanging

Sorry I've not been posting lately, folks: I've decided to give it a break for awhile. I'm getting a bit paranoid about a long-term injury. The crown jewels are fine, all working well, erections hard as iron; orgasms all right; still coming as usual.

As Habakuk has said, the law of diminishing returns applies. My balls won't stretch much more; perhaps think they're the perfect length now anyway, hanging below my cock when relaxed.

I'm still happy to answer queries and offer assistance through my email.

That said, never say never. You never know. Watch this space because I may post some photos.


Anonymous said...

Regular full body-weight suspension can be a bit much but suggest you ‘keep your hand in’ so to speak with light weight training suspending say 7-10 lbs and swinging vigorously fore and back between legs and from side to side. Look forward to more pix in due course.

Anonymous said...

As you say, I'll continue stretching manually with full fist between cock and balls for longish periods, probably while lying in bed!
So definitely be keeping the hand in! :-)