4 Inch Ball Stretcher

Here's one I took last night. It's a 4 inch ball stretcher. I don't find them very comfortable. I also have a neoprene one, but it isn't rigid enough to contain my balls of steel! They slip out.

It took me a while to manage all four snap buttons, but I did it last night; and now I have sore fingers!


Anonymous said...

Let balls be free,
So we can see
How well they hang so low.
But with strong will,
And better still,
From the walls
Hang on the balls
And swing there to and fro’.
For then you’ll see
That’s why we
Have balls that hang so low.

Anonymous said...

That's the first odd ode I've had! :-)

Anonymous said...

You say everything functions normally but have you had a fertility test? Erections and orgasms are one thing but is there any sperm left?

Of course, if you do not care for having children then it's not much of an issue I suppose.

Anonymous said...

That's a good point. I haven't had any tests.

Perhaps we could begin a debate on this blog about that; has anyone reading this had a test or considered it?

You are correct about conceiving kids. I have no plans, presently, to have any. I certainly don't rule it out in future, so it is something folks ought to bear in mind, I guess.

Good point!


ballstretcher said...

I've just begun ball stretching I don't think I'll get anywhere near the level you are but was wondering if you knew roughly how long it takes them to stop hurting? I'm wearing a split steel ring 24/7 at the moment, about 500g, and where the skin has stretched it hurts - does the sking toughen up at some point?

Anonymous said...

Hi Ballstretcher,

I'm afraid there's no gain without pain! That's the motto. I've stopped stretching for the time being. The skin does eventually get tougher and more resistant; though it's always vulnerable to chafing. I simply took a break for a few days if that happened.
My suspension was so extreme that, for months, there was occasional chafing; take heart though! It does ease in time.

All the best,


Anonymous said...

Wow....This guy is ALL man. Nice legs
and really BEAUTIFUL balls. I got
off twice just watching the video.
Only hope there is more coming.

Keep up the good work. AWESOME