At it Again

I hanged freely for over two minutes today. Folks, you'll get the truth from me. Straight. no nonsense.

When the 2 minutes are up, I ease on to the step-ladder and carefully loosen the rope. My balls are not relaxed, if you know what I mean. Afterwards, there is a tingling sensation which gradually disappears. It is gone now. I have sprinkled talc on my balls.

Could I safely suspend for three minutes? I am not completely upside-down: my legs are horizontal or facing downwards. If I raised my head horizontally after two minutes, would that help? I'm thinking of the blood-flow to the brain and all that rot. Surely three minutes would be OK? David Blaine does it for longer upside-down, doesn't he?

I'm going to re-issue my last hanging video for new visitors.


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