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Hi Folks,

The Mingemasher is back. The balls are well tanned, too. I couldn't wait to start hanging again, so I managed one minute this morning. No difficulty at all; so I should be back to the routine next week.

I want your thoughts, pals: I noticed a neat little digital camcorder called the Mustek DV310, a snip at £39.99.

Reckon it would do the business of amateur footage of my scrotal suspension and longer periods and other exotica?

Let me know...



Anonymous said...

Tim, How was your trip? Did you have the opportunity to disclose your suspension abilities? Kbar

Anonymous said...

Hi Kbar,

Wish I could boast of a girl hanging from each ball but, I'm afraid, no!

They - the balls - were on display on the naturist beaches, though; and their pendulous effect was clearly conspicuous.

I did 2 minutes today.

Cheers Tim