Rope-Leather Combo

I've suspended a mere two minutes this week. Really my balls don't seem to be getting any longer! I have a 4" leather ball-stretcher which I've started using as well though, believe it or not, I have difficulty fastening the four things and can manage three! I'm almost at the fourth, mind you. I'll get there soon.

A combination of the scrotal suspension and leather stretcher ought to put me well up there in the low-hanger league!


Anonymous said...

most sincere congratulations on your out of doors ball hang...bravo bravo.
from seeing the video i gather that you took an enormous risk..the risk being is i am sure you did the whole thing alone, without anyone assisting you..ami right ?? please confirm...i noticed that when achieved the hang you moved the ladder away from you at arms distance, the ladder shook, with a seeming instabilty,had it fallen..i dread to see how you would have "undoed" yourself...methinks you took a big risk, by doing out of doors, with no one to assist you..once again chapeau bas, as we say in france to congratulate someone who has done something out of the ordinary, and allow me to tell you, that its quite "extrordinaire"what you are able to do.. very few can do it..i am still with my weight lifting, at the moment maximum weight is 34kg for 2 minutes..skin of the balls chaffed, balls slightly aching...will resume same weight but longer period...will keep you posted of progress...now what are you going to surprise us with?? will you try the meditation posture, with video please!!!needless to say that your feats have been archived, and i look at them with awe, and add admiration..makes me want to try to do same...keep it up mon ami, i am anon from France,but then i am sure you must have guessed that when you started reading.a "bientot"...anon from france

Anonymous said...


I've been doing it for well over a year and I seem to have perfected a technique that works for me. I use a ladder only in order that I can hang higher in the air and my head does not touch the ground. Other than that, I don't need a ladder, so I could raise myself if I had to on my own.

I suppose there is always an element of risk, though I always tighten the rope a great deal - it's only for a few minutes. So far it has never slipped.

About being alone: I'd be more concerned about a stranger encountering me by accident and calling the police!

Very best wishes,