Large Ball-Stretcher

Sorry about the paucity of posts, folks, however when I return from my vacation I'll post a video and photos of my using the 4 inch ball-stretcher which I've been using on holiday.

I can now get all four pop-buttons closed.


Microball said...

Love the ball stretcher, just wish I coulddo the 12 inch ball stretcher and wear my balls in my rectum

mingemasher said...


Anonymous said...

How would you like to clean out your rectum with multiple enemas, open your anus up wide with a big speculum, tuck both your cock and and your balls up into your arsehole. The put on a fabulously tight pink thong to hold it all in place and then spend all day on the beach, swimming and pissing and cumming up your own arse. best of all staying like it for days and feeling your your rectum getting packed with shit around your own cock. Maybe having a boys together constipation competion to see who can take it for the longest.
Winner gets tied up and hung by his balls for the day.
May you be able to drag you balls along the ground unaided.
Happy ball stretching - I love it

Anonymous said...

It's just a question of time. I'm wearing ball stretchers since I was youth and now I'm 46 years of age. From the beginning I'm wearing for all day long. So I'm wearing stretchers for 24 hours a day since 30 years by now. Once or twice a week I get the stretcher off for 10 minutes to clean my skin, so I'm wearing more or less always. Because of wearing continuously the stretching is really extreme. By now I'm wearing for all day use a stretcher of 400 mm of length, 20 mm internal diameter and 200 mm external diameter, it has a weight of 92 kg and I'm wearing it 24h a day. I use to hang myself only on my balls more or less once a day, because the weight is about the same. My balls reached the height of my knees and I hope I can make it to my feet one day. Next step will be to extend to 450 mm of length and causing a weight of 104 kg. Yes all been carried by the balls. The only thing you have to ensure is that circulation of the blood is still going on, but it' only a question of internal diameter. For sure the clothing needs to cover the wearing, but this can be solved as I can ensure you. Sex is of course only possible in some of all available positions. But it's not a problem for me because I'm gay and down on my knees mostly, so the tool is hanging down and my ass can be used without disturbance

Miss X said...

nice blog and luv the extreme suspension
luv to see your cock hard and cumming while suspended