Leather Ball Stretcher

I'm seen wearing my 4 inch leather ball stretcher here. I can fit it easily when my balls are relaxed and hanging well. When measured, they extend to 5 inches. I can often wank with the stretcher fitted to an explosive ejaculation and orgasm:-


Anonymous said...

glad you are back...petite question..the weight hanging from the strecher..how much does it weigh???and how long can you keep it before the weight begins to "annoy"" so to speak...must congratulate you on the pictures , very good,well centered, bravo..please keep us informed of all your feats and progress, and advice,,on how one can get the courage to hang by the balls as you do...i know its a long and slow process, but does one have to tense when the weight is carried by the balls, or just trust the balls to carry the weight without strain...in short no effort...but effort to re -establish the upright position so as to "dehang"...so to speak(excuse the grammar....i am as you may have guessed ...anon from france, who follows your feats,and will hopefully try the full scrotal hang ,in the meantime i am still to hanging weights...salutation a toi ami tim, and soon to read you..keep the postings going...
Anon from france

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon!

The solid iron block weighs 8.6kg.

About the tensing: no, I relax and hang freely without tensing at all. Tensing would be harder because the muscles couldn't sustain several minutes easily, I feel.

I have made a short video clip and hope to post it either on this blog or on Xtube.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the info regarding the tensing, a bit difficult to not tense when you are lifting or hanging weights, 8.6kg is bon...i practice with two five litre plastic jerrycans, that is a total weight of 10kg, and i swing the weight, when in shape,i can do 400 swings, (swing like a pendulum ) the cans are assembled together with duct tape, and via the handles a stout string is attached, and this in turn iis hung via an S , and the S is passed through the curtain rings, that i have threaded around the balls, i use plastic rings, with an internal diameter of 3.8cm..i pass five rings, and attach the S to the third ring from the topof the groin down to the balls.....i also use the rings to stretch the ball sac, maximum number of rings so far is 17, each has a thickness of 0.9cm...which gives a total lenghth of 15.3cm....i cannot keep the balls stretched at that point for more then 2 hours, as pain sets in at the base of the penis...no pain on the balls though..i have come across pictures of guys exhibiting 2, leather stretches (same as you are wearing)..which is some long stretch...i accessed your video on X tube, ....nice, i prefer the ones where you hang outright and spin like a top...i was wondering friend tim, Kbar mentioned the hang that habakuk has devised...have you tried to do it???if yes please post photos or better still make us a short video..allow me to congratulate you again for the hanging videos..keep alive your blog you are , as we say in french "un phare "....keep up the good work, i am as of course you may have guessed anon from france..

Anonymous said...

Can I just say . . . you do the most amazing and awesome things. Your fascination with your balls rivals that of people in the BB community. It's great!

Anonymous said...

I discovered, some years ago, that "ball pain" is a reflex; and if you can suppress the reflex, you can then do some incredible things! If you take a ring, or your thumb and fore finger; and placing it over your cock, (loose fit); then when you press down, the pain reflex will be gone.... So; early in the morning, form a ring, and press it down over your cock;; then grab your balls, with the other hand, and crush them!!!

Beware, the "skin burn from hell"!

Before you yank your balls; you must warm them up; by slowly stretching them out to full lenth. You'll learn fast.
Then you can yank them realy hard! After about 3 months of doing this in the morning; your pain reflex will be seppressed, (like permanently)

It would be best to also slap the balls and punch, (impact), the balls during this training period. Then you can have realy tuff balls!

Make yourself an infinity thong, out of leather or shoe laces; and a ring, (loose fit). A short loop to go around the balls with a row of half hitches to space them apart on the ring. Half hitch or so on the loop, and up the back; and tie to the rear belt. The two pieces of the front belt attach to the ring.

Now the secret!!!

The back belt ties to itself!!!!
The front belts tie to themselves!!!!

Infinity thong

This way you can tie it tight, and it won't ride down.

You can tie them on the side so's nobody can tell.

If you wear this thong, "no holds bared wrestling" is a real possibility. you could start holding each others balls.

There is no need for a cock ring in this mix; as when you pull your balls with this thong on, your body forms a ring (cock ring)!

Cock Split said...

I wish I had really tuff balls. my glans is already split in half. it wont be long before my cock is fully split, another day another few slices with the razor.
Heaven would be having the balls split as well so as to be completely sepaerate.
Now there can be ball hanging from each testicle seperately or spread and stretched.
Now I can wear the ultimate thong, front and back wedgie with balls either side. Over the shoulder wedgies are no problem, bring on the suspension wedgie.

Has anyone tried the ball rack. Its like the medieval variety except yout arms are tried to the top and you balls are pulled by the rachet. The gorgeous femdom pulls your balls down inch by agonising inch until they are below your feet. She then lets you savour it for week after week.
I wonder what they world record for ball stretching might be

Anonymous said...

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Guy said...

You did a great job. You have nice low hanging balls. Do you also use steel ball stretcher or you prefer leather? That is one huge ball weight you use, I can't use anything bigger then 16oz.