Longest Scrotal Suspension Ever

I broke my own record today: Three minutes of full scrotal suspension. I could have lasted longer, but decided that 3 minutes was enough. If you count the preparation time, gradual lowering etc, it is more than that time, perhaps three and a half.

I have some exciting developments planned too: I have bought an inexpensive digital camcorder, especially for showing me hanging by the balls. I'll have longer time - the routine of undressing, applying talc, the baize cloth etc.

I am also going to try bringing the rope indoors, which is warmer; and suspending from the landing upstairs.

Watch this space!



Anonymous said...

most commendable, am most impatient to see the video of your full length three minute suspension, now that you have a camcorder, please post asap...i have seen your previous suspensions, and needless to say i was very impressed...i have compared your suspensions to habakuk(who is the nec plus ultra in ball suspension) if habakuk is the king , you i must say ... the prince!continue the good work but please take care..do not dammmage yourself needlesly,practice makes perfect..but go slow...take care hopeing to "see" your festas soon.
i am the anon from france.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon from France,

Many thanks for your kind words.

Hopefully I'll get the video up and running soon; the trouble is that we are fast approaching Winter in the UK and it is cold and draughty!

Do keep in touch,