Another 3 Minute Suspension

I effortlessly hanged by the balls for a full three minutes this afternoon.

I set up my new, cheap little camcorder - and it turned itself off after 18 seconds! Useless.

I am going to return this Mustek to the retailer for a £40 refund.

So I'm afraid I cannot take any videos beyond about 40 secs with the Kodak camera :-(

I'll continue to see if i can buy a cheap camcorder - even used; but I don't want to spend a lot of money.

If a pro photographer offered to do it, I'd be willing...


Anonymous said...

Disappointment! But does the camera have enough memory capacity? Do you need an SD memory extension card?

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon,

Problem solved, hopefully!

I returned the mini camcorder and have bought a 1gb SD card for my camera instead; so, I hope, I'll be able to take much longer videos.

I might give it a try next week. I'll have a bright light shining behind the camera too.


Anonymous said...

hopefully the one gig sd card,will meet with your expectations..you can put a lot of "movie" on a 1 gig card ..i can only say go to it ..do take care ,not to hurt yourself..slow but sure and of course safe...hoping to "watch" you soon ..all the best..
anon from france