Ruddy Freezing!

That confounded garage of ours is freezing, the outside temperature being 6c or 48 f.

Still, I got the noose round my balls and forcibly suspended from them for 2 minutes today.


I've just bought a Flip Mino HD camcorder for £120 - and I hope you lot appreciate it! Any contributions shall be gratefully received. :-)

It can take over an hour of video on a tripod and it's quite good on low-light conditions, too.

I got it on Amazon, so it should arrive soon.

Your fellow- stretcher,



Anonymous said...

Tim, At 48 degrees you have to stretch them to get them out of your armpits! Kbar

Anonymous said...

Hi Kbar,

Heard of force-feeding? Now I've invented the proprietory Mingemasher term, force-stretching! :-)