Hanged bythe Balls Upstairs Now

I've managed it. It's so cold in the garage that I have moved the rope indoors and upstaits, to the landing. I have tied the rope to a sturdy (I hope!) rafter.

Ther's not as much space; but I can still suspend freely. I managed 3 minutes today, with chafing.

Did I mention that I was thinking of buying a Canon A480 camera with video facility - more GB so longer video; enough for three minutes and more!

Has anyone any thoughts on this?

Your low-hanging pal,



Anonymous said...

I had the opportunity to use an abandoned house where an eye bolt could be put into the ceiling. This made for an interesting uninterupted suspension session. Kbar

Anonymous said...

Something on the ceiling would be fine, just so long as it wouldn't collapse all over me!

As soon as I get my new camera, I'll start taking videos again.


Anonymous said...

I envy you for your bravery and stamina! Watching your progress is encouraging. Someday maybe I'll have the balls (pun intended!) to try it.