Message from Habakuk

It's great to hear from Habakuk again; so much so that I'm posting a message I received from him the other day. Here it is:-

Hey guys,

It has been some time you haven’t heard from me. Here is my update.

I have followed your exercises, and I am happy to note that we appear to be achieving about the same level of suspension. So forget the terms king, prince etc of suspension.

I am in full swing again, and I can now comfortably suspend for a prolonged time. I must take the time, I did not bother about that, but I should do so and report back. I have been more concerned getting my stretch back. I guess that once you can suspend 3 minutes you may just as well do 10 minutes. It is more a matter of will power, and my concern about getting to much blood pressure in the brain. I try to solve that problem by alternating between a straight upside down position and a horizontal position by stretching my legs out.

My focus has also been on maximum stretch. After a suspension session I often continue the stretch exercise with my 35 kg weight. I do that for some 15 minutes and swing it forward and back ward. It works well.

I am curios to hear from you guys what effect your suspensions have on your stretch, please let me know. Here are some of my statistics:

- I am 1.84 m (6’ 1/2”) tall

- My crotch is 0.84 (33”) above ground.

- At full stretch with force my balls are 0.55 m (21 5/8”) above ground about the same level as the top edge of my kneecap

- This is about 0.29 m (11 3/8”) below the crotch.

- When dangling freely, with ring, and good warm conditions, my balls dangle 0.63 m ( 2’ 13/16”)above the ground, or 0.21m (8 ¼”) below the crotch.



Anonymous said...

So far the longest time for me with 100% suspension has been 1 min. I do get some swelling and soreness for 3-4 days after that. I use a 2:1 hoist which puts 30% of the weight in my hands when I am holding the rope. This also allows for diff elevations from the floor. This can be used forward or reversed which gives a completely diff pull on the body. I am surprised that there is not a measurable hang increase in length as yet. Kbar

Anonymous said...

To clarify the last entry, When I do 100% suspension I use a fixed length chain and an S hook to the block. Kbar