Habakuk's Meditation Posture


Anonymous said...

wow!..i am sure though you can do same, i have watched your video, and the time you stay hanging..i am sure if you tried, you would succeed the habakuk posture...i would absolutely be delighted if you could of course video the procedure, same as you did with the last video you posted, (which by the way i have downloaded it, and watch it to see how i too can do same, i am still way too far compared to you, and of course habakuk, both of you are as we say in france "au dessus du panier"..
translated... roughly above all..i am certain there are very few guys who can do same...i follow your blog ..and appreciate your comments and advice...
habakuk is to be doubly congratulated, because he tries to do, things that have never been done, especially the negative hang, as explained by k bar(face down, upper body and legs) a sort of rotation starting with a hang, then doing, the habakuk yoga trick, then with the help perhaps of a rope coming to a horizontal negative position...i think that position if taken on video, would be the nec plus ultra of all...allow me to wish you Tim, as well as habakuk and kbar, a happy 2010, with lots of "hangings", and masses of videos, and pictures...take care !!
i am anon from france

Anonymous said...

Many thanks, Anon, and a very happy new year to you.

I intend to take more videos as soon as the weather improves and the daylight becomes stronger.


Habakuk said...

I got your movie! Finally managed to download it.
It is great, thanks, and keep it up!

Christian said...

Bonjour, Hello from France. I just would like to tell you that I really appreciate your blog. You do a great job. Congratulation and thanks for your movies.
Thanks to you I started to train myself. I hope to succeed one day.
I wish you a happy new year.


Anonymous said...

Getting into and out of the reverse position is part of the problem. I think I have it solved with the use of a step and rescue rope. I will let you know. I would be interested in how Habakuk gets positioned for the reverse hang. Kbar

Anonymous said...

My goal is to get into the reverse position from the face-up position. Flexing the hips so the legs go over. This does put a different strain on things during the transition. I have only made it half way so far. Kbar