Swinging like a Top

One thing I noticed about grasping my feet with my hands, whilst hanging yesterday for 5 minutes, was that I swung round and round like a top!

I'm going to take a video of this because I think it would make great material, viewers being able to watch me from every angle.

I'm afraid I just haven't done any more videos yet because, as I said, the conditions, light etc are not conducive to doing it; but, rest assured, as soon as I judge it right, I'll do it! That could be next week.

Meantime, my scrotal suspension video is doing well on TnAflix. I'm getting quite a following!


Graham Kitchener said...
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Anonymous said...

Remember my offer of filming one day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Graham,

Haven't forgotten! Can spin like a top now, by grabbing feet with hands from behind.