New Angles

Sorry about the lull; I haven't had much to say! Until now, that is: I've re-positioned the rope upstairs, in order that I can suspend from the middle of the landing, more freely; and with a much better view for the camera.

I took a two-minute video two days ago, but positioned the camera too low thereby cutting my balls off from the shot! Trivially, I omitted to take off my socks, too.

I'll be posting a new video imminently, showing the full stretch from between my legs.

By the way, I'm now hanging for 2-3 minutes, every 2 days; that is about 10 minutes a week.


Anonymous said...

needless to say , i am awaiting impatiently to watch your new video, hope i can download it..same as with the first one that you posted with a link.
just do not overdo the hangings, and hurt yourself, i believe a few minutes at a time, should do no harm, because the testicles under strain,they are deprived of blood, and over a long period 10 or 20 minutes, dammage can occur.
i am no doctor, however i have noticed, that after a good 10 minute hang and swing(with weights 15kg)(i use curtain rings and hang the weight with an "S"hook), the testicles become almost purple in color, once the weight removed, they resume their color but remain a dull red.
i shall be keeping a lookout(daily) on your blog, for the day you post the video...i am sure it will be great...keep it up ..i salute you friend Tim...
i am anon from france.

Anonymous said...

Hello Anon from La France!

Best wishes to you.

The chafing seems to have stopped; so they must be tougher.

I will post another video as soon as possible.

I'm suspending for 2-3 minutes, every second day now - about 10 minutes a week.

It's remarkable how my balls still contract: I was swimming in cold water last week and they still shrivel up to almost nothing; yet, when relaxed and loose, they hang very low indeed!


Anonymous said...


I love to see some new videos from you. Please tell me when you can do this.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully in the next 7-10 days or so.