Hanging by the Balls


Ball Buster said...

You look fabulous hanging by the balls, I hope you manage to stretch your balls down to your knees or better still the ground.
You must look fabulous in a micro swimsuit.

Ball Crusher said...

Have you ever tried using steel rings around the balls to stretch them lower and lower. I am trying to avoid them returning to my body but with little success. Looks life I will have keep the rings on.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

it(s realy amazing
i love it


see u on my blog

Anonymous said...

That is fantastic. How do you attach your balls to the rope? I can't seem to find a good method.

Vincent19 said...

How is possible ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim,

You are my model. Now I can also hang on my balls
like you. But only for few seconds but I will be better.
I can send you a video from me, would you like it?
Its amazing ! A wonderful feeling

Good luck