Scrotal Suspension

Hi Folks,


Just to let you all know that I'm still alive and swinging by the balls! What a fixation, an addiction, almost. I did 5 whole minutes last week.

Here's a still image of a video I did earlier.

I still hope to get into the woods within the next month or two, depending on the weather; finding a tree with a good branch, and hanging by the balls from that. Low-hangers: keep it that way!


Reg Jones said...

That is awesome that you are able to hang by your balls

mingemasher said...

Thanks! It has taken a long time to reach the goal, though.

If you read this blog from the beginning you'll see why!


mzap99 said...

What a magical accomplishment. As you twist "like a top", I can really almost feel the exuberance you must enjoy. It is like ballet. Keep up the good work, Can not wait to see the Outdoors tree hang.

Anonymous said...

hello!, I'm french man and I love your balls working! I'm truy to pull up my big balls , I've bought weigs , but I'd never seen a work as you do !!! It's fantastic, and give me a good idea ! thanks !

Anonymous said...

What do you use for a wrap to keep the rope from
I,m working toward the same goal, can only handle about half my 170 lbs.

Anonymous said...

Very impressive,
Do you shave or wax your superb cock and balls. I prefer the fully waxed pubes and arsehole.
I'd love to sit across a couple of planks with my balls dangling between and have a lovely plump woman hanging off my balls, swinging on a trapeze.