New Title


I've taken it upon me to change the title of the blog, which I feel is more appropriate. It shan't make any difference in any other way! I have a new blog title at www.scrotalsuspension.blogspot.com

Your pal



Anonymous said...

Tim, I have now been able to transition from the face up hanging position to the meditation position. I do this by starting in the face up hang then putting the legs straight up and flexing the hips. This brings the feet in front of the fsce and I can put my hands around the back of my knees. The scrotal pull is completely different when this is done. It is reversed to get out of suspension. Give it a try. Kbar

Anonymous said...

Hi Kbar,

Sorry, just got your message today. Sounds interesting.

Anonymous said...

Love the complications. I want to take the sctotum as a G-string and hang forwards with the ball up my back. Hopefully they migh reach the ground when released

microballs said...

The ultimate expression of manhood is the ability to hang by his balls. just love it. would love to have my penis split as well

microballs said...

I would love to have a good nights sleep hanging by my balls in the open air

Anonymous said...

Tim , all I can say to you after watching your vid with you hanging by your balls is ,you have given me new hope of doing all things impossible , am new to balls stretching and never in my wildest dream did I every think what you did was possible its been just one month and a wk for me and I long for the day that I can do just like you do and more .
Very impressive love it all .