120 Sec. Stretch

Just a quick message to let everyone know that my balls are still attached and I'm preparing to show my equipment off to girls and females generally on El Cotillo beach and Corralejo!

I get a real turn-on when I see them ogling, especially the younger ones.

I stretched a full two minutes today; more if the adjustment process is counted - closer to 150 seconds.

Still after all this time, I still get a fair bit of chafing, even with talc. Perhaps the longer suspension times are a factor too.

There is no gain without pain. It's not painful though. Just a little discomfort and it wears off.


Anonymous said...

Tim,I guess that you mean hang or suspension time. That's awesome.Kbar

Anonymous said...

Hi Kbar,

Yes, my next milestone would be two and a half minutes.

My next scheduled day is Saturday. That will allow the chafing to heal and ease.

I'll take another kodak movie soon.