Trouble Posting Links

I can only apologize, folks, for being unable to post the information which Habakuk sent me. I am unable to copy and paste it.

Perhaps, Habakuk, if you could post it directly on the comment column with a link?

With images, I can normally edit pictures; but I simply can't do it this way for some reason!



Habakuk said...

Dear Tim,
Check your email. I sent you jpg pictures. I am sure that will work better then the pdf files.

Anonymous said...

Hello Habakuk,

I should have explained that I received your emails, saved the links to my documents, tried to transfer them to the blog and it didn't want to know about it!

I'll try it again.

All the best, Tim

Habakuk said...

It still works! Just did my first suspension since a year. Only manged to do 10 seconds. Dont want to push it to hard!! I di not expect it to work so soon, but no problem.
greetings to all suspenders.