Habakuk Apparatus

I'm most grateful to Habakuk for sending me specific details of the equipment he uses personally for scrotal suspension.

Habakuk believes strongly that the methods he uses should be shared with others - those who dare! I, too, believe in the spirit of sharing knowledge with like-minded enthusiasts - why not?

So here it is. Please do let us all know how you are getting on re scrotal suspension - or swinging by the balls, as I like to call it. Do you intend to construct any of Habakuk's appliances? Let us know.

Whilst I certainly possess low hangers, especially given my compact size and weight of 8 stone 12lbs, I don't have the stretch of Habakuk. I think he's probably unbeatable in that sense. Now there's a challenge!

balllock.pdf [~894K]

ballockhangerlong.pdf [~8K]

ballockouterlockring.pdf [~3K]

ballockinnerringhalve.pdf [~8K]



Anonymous said...

Rats, I cannot open the pdf. It says the mail session has expired! Kbar

Habakuk said...

Why dont you paste the pictures in straight. I cannot open them either for some reason. You may have to reduce the resolution somewhat of the big jpg file.