Raising the Rope

I did 90 seconds today. I'm finding that the rope length means that I am too close to the floor. When I ease down, I partially rest my head on the ground and raise it up off the ground a few inches to take the full strain.

This means that my head is almost horizontal to the floor and this position is very hard to sustain. The answer is simply to raise the rope several inches more, so that I can let my head drop and my body can take less strain.

I have also tied another rope to the rafter so that I can pull myself up with it, rather than straining up to grab the suspension rope.

I'll try for 2 minutes the next time, if it's a good day!

Your pal, TIM.


Habakuk said...

Good! I also use a rope or a pool of my bed canopy to lower myself and get upright again. It is easier then lifting your selves up using the suspension rope. When I am fully upside down I cannot reach the rope in fact. I have to start lifting myself up starting from the stretched balls.
I have been weightlifting vigorously over the last couple of days, to get back on track after my prostrate operation. Getting old I guess. Don’t feel old.
I have now increased the weight to 35 kg. The surprising thing is that I almost have my full old stretch back, within a week. But I cannot lift more, it feels I may tear something inside if I would try. No hurry, it improves every day.

Anonymous said...

I think you're being very wise, especially after the op.

One difference I've made is to apply talc before stretching. I never used to do that.

I've already raised the rope, so I'll try it on Sat. hopefully and see how it goes!


Anonymous said...

Habakuk, It takes up to 6 weeks for the body to start building real strength in a surgical wound. Go slow. Tim, I put the end of a rope at chest level then attach the block cords to that with an S hook. I use a step to get up enough to hook the block on. I have found that a second rope is useful handing 3 feet from the main rope. This is good for letting your upper torso down and getting back up. When using the other rope the body weight is split between the two. You can hold an upright position with less ball pressure until you are ready for a complete bodyweight swing.

Anonymous said...

That last was a Kbar comment