Brag or Keep Quiet?

It's hard to know whether to brag about the party piece - the ability to hang by the balls - or keep one's own counsel. Let's be honest: it is a kind of perversion, isn't it?

I can also insert six fingers inside my foreskin. That is another trick.

Surely I could insert my balls up my arse-hole?

I reckon I should be performing at a theatre in Amsterdam.

I'm meeting up with some swingers soon, in the Canary Islands; and, although I've told them about my very low hangers, I haven't - as yet - intimated that I can hang from them!

Many people simply would be incredulous till they saw this blog.

My balls were a bit tight today; nevertheless I headed into the garage and hanged for a full two minutes. It's getting easier, in a way. Less intense. I've raised the rope height, which means that I hang with my head off the ground and can relax more.

I mount the step-ladder at a side angle; then when I'm hanging it doesn't get in the way.

I might try for two and a half minutes on Saturday. Habakuk, what is your average suspension period?



Anonymous said...

I had some swelling and soreness after the last swing so I am giving it time to subside. Have a good vacation Tim. Kbar

Anonymous said...

I am not sure that this suspension is as odd as some of the piercing suspensions I have seen on the web. Kbar

Habakuk said...

Being very intelligent or artistic is odd. Suspension is odd too, not normal, what ever suspension. But that is not important what is important is that you guys and I like it. Why? I dont know, thats how we are made, and the answer is also not important. So, do what you enjoy. As long as you dont harm anyone it is no ones business.
I dont manage to suspend very long at the moment, at the most ten seconds. Still need to build my strength. I used to hang up to 2 minutes, could have done more but I was scared for to much blood pressure on my brains. I dont know whether that is justified or not. Horizontally, with my head supported on a shelve, I could manage 15 minutes. Laying on my bed I sometimes had a weight of 70 kg hanging from a pulley block on the ceiling for 15 minutes or longer. For that I used the same weight of the pictures through a double looped pulley block. It is very good exercise for stretching.
I once booked for a show in the Hague, but because of time constraints did not make it. Club Doma, very nice set up. Have been whipped there very nicely once long ago.

Anonymous said...

There is something about the pulling sensation on the whole genital area that is pleasurable. This is intensified by the full body weight. Kbar