Six Pack Exercise

Hanging by the balls is a great way of exercising your tummy muscles. It is, for me, at any rate. I managed 90 seconds today. There is always chafing afterwards, so I slap some moisturizer on.

I know I could do more than 90 seconds, were it not for the strain on my stomach muscles; and that is despite being fit with a four-pack at least.

As well as the stretch, one needs to stretch right up to grab the rope at the end, in order to pull my self up and get my feet on the ground.


kbar said...

I use a wood block with a 1 3/8 hole. This is split in two for placement around the skin.This is held together by two bolts. Two cords go through the block ends to reciece a hook. The block is beveled in the hole where the balls sit. this holds them without the squeeze that a rope causes.

Anonymous said...


That sounds more like the business. Trouble is, I wouldn't know where to start. I think i'd need a step-by-step guide!

What are the dimensions of the wooden block? Are holes drilled in the block ends and, if so, where and what size? Is there no danger of the block cracking? What length are the bolts?

Told you I hadn't a clue!