Longest Stretch Ever

I managed more than two minutes this afternoon. The second rope at the side, to lower and raise manually, is a good help.

I can feel the longer stretch, because the part between my balls and arse-hole is slightly sore! My balls aren't, though.

I think I'll raise the rope even higher, because my head still can't drop down freely without my touching the floor.

I'm having trouble reducing the size of Habakuk's graphic instructions in a previous blog, by the way. I can only apologize; and I'll try again.



Anonymous said...

Impressive Tim. Kbar

Anonymous said...

The bottom side of my balls is still tender this morning, as I write! Slightly sore, far from intolerable.

My next scheduled day for a stretch is Wednesday.


Habakuk said...

Congratulations. It is only a matter of time to develop a long stretch!
I sent you a series of jpg drawings. They are probably better then the pdf files

mingemasher said...

Hello Habakuk,

Many thanks again for all the info. I have published it on the blog today and hopefully this shall work!