Instruction to use the ring

Description of the ring.

The ring is different from other rings because it does not require bolts to keep it together. It consists of two halve stainless steel inner rings, which a tapered conical outer surface. A third bronze outer ring with a conical inner surface, exactly and accurately matching the outer surface of the inner rings, slides over the two inner ring halves and locks them together. The taper angle is such that when the rings a pressed together, they can only be prized apart with some force. My own ring can be unlocked a bit too easy. The ring shown in the attached drawings is less tapered and it may require some more force to get the separated.
A fourth blue plastic ring is optional and purely decorative. This also applies to the beads glued with Araldite n the grove of the outer ring. The whole assembly is meant to be more beautiful then the standard rings on the market, and designed to be there permanently.
The inner hole fits me loosely. It must not be too tight, to avoid circulation problems. To suspend, I slip a rubber strip (see pictures) between balls and inner ring to make the fit more tight for suspension. The fit must be a tight as possible for suspension. At times the balls may swell a bit because of excessive exercise. A bit of Vaseline or baby powder may help to make them slide over the skin more easily. I guess that the size of the hole is not a one fit all. Other users may have to experiment with temporary wooden block to establish their individual ideal size.

How to fit the ring.

Before fitting this ring one may have to pre-stretch the scrotum a bit using a temporary wooden block or other steel rings. To fit it I first slide the outer ring over the balls. (and the plastic ring if used) Make sure that the balls are washed and not greasy. Any Vaseline or powder on the inner surface of the ring may prevent a good lock with the inner rings. Next I tie an old necktie around the balls and stretch them away from the body, by tying them the necktie to my bedpost. This stretches the balls and reduces the diameter of the skin and inner tissue between the balls and the body, so that the inner rings fir around the easily without pinching the skin. I now put the ring halve with the centre pins sticking upwards below the stretched ball sack, and the other halve carefully on top of it making sure that no skin is caught between the centring pins. Now push the rings gently together why turning them around. This way any skin and hair caught in between is pulled free. Keep the firmly together and slide the plastic ring and the outer ring over the inner rings. Some hair may be caught between the rings, so do not push the rings firmly together yet. Allow some movement and pull the hair out with your free hand. Now push the rings firmly together. Once you suspend from this or hang a weight from the rings, you will find it difficult to separate the rings without force.

The suspension bracket.

The bracket shown in the drawing fits snugly around the inner rings which protrude below the outer ring, and support the outer ring. Because of its halve closed ring, there is no way that the ring can slide out, if one suspends from it.

With greetings from Habakuk, and I wish you all a good stretch and suspension.

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