The block is almost ready. I bought the nylon cord, thick bolts and wingnuts yesterday; and they're all fitted. I've bevelled the hole and sanded the edges of the block.

I'm wondering how to hook the cords up. I do have a few basic "S" hooks, so I could experiment with attaching the hook to my original rope; then suspending the cord from the other end of the hook.

Any thoughts on that? The steel girder is too high up. I wouldn't dare attach the cord directly to it in case I slipped and fell on to the concrete floor!



Anonymous said...

The cords are tied on the bottom of the block and thus form a loop on the top side on each end. These two loops can be put on one "s"hook that can attach to the overhead suspension rope. kbar

Anonymous said...

I have made the cord length about 12" each. This allows enough separation for placement of the balls when the bolt nuts are off. This also allows the S hook to be 2" or so above the balls when suspended. kbar

Habakuk said...

Dear Tim,
Congratulations. You are making it!
Next time I come to Europe I must visit you. I have always been dreaming of some one hanging from my balls. You have to do it. I will hang from yours. We can make pictures together. I could also make you a ring like mine if you want?
I did read in one of your paragraphs that you would like to be in touch with me. Well here I am. I have not been stretching for some time because of an operation. but I am now in full swing again.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know how Habakuk's ring is designed. kbar

mingemasher said...

Hi Habakuk,

Hope you don't mind my asking, the operation wasn't related to the ball-stretching was it?