Habakuk: Tools of the Trade

lockring.JPG, 1088 x 551 [~38K]

ballockassembledlr.jpg, 500 x 552 [~249K]

ballockexplodedlr.jpg, 450 x 631 [~267K]

innerring.JPG, 1088 x 551 [~61K]

hangerdetail.JPG, 815 x 498 [~69K]

hanger.JPG, 139 x 445 [~9K]


Anonymous said...

Tim, The pics timed out and I missed them. Would it be possible to put photos on a site like photobucket.com and link to that? kbar

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I've just noticed that. I don't understand it at all.

Perhaps Habakuk could send the links directly to this comment form?